Thank you for taking on a new role in your district!

Zone Institute is designed to provide you with both skills and leadership training.

Most people start training on Wednesday or Thursday and stay until Sunday.  That gives them the full training and institute expereince.

On Thursday, we meet our classmates for dinner (typically not included in the package meal fee).  It’s a time for us to celebrate with our governor class and catch up. But what do you do if you are not a Past District Governor?  We have a dinner just for you.

Friday is the start of the Zone Institute.  Speakers from around the world come to share stories with us.  Some are Rotarians, some are not.  Some have worked with Rotary Clubs, others have not.  Our goal is to provide you with insights and ideas.

  • Friday afternoon- Celebrate Leadership
  • Kyle Zimmer and breakouts
  • Friday evening – Celebrate the World
  • Razia Jan and Dancing to a live band on Superhero Night
  • Saturday morning – Celebrate Life
  • Rob Raylman, Deepa Willingham and breakouts
  • Saturday afternoon – Enjoy Erie
  • Excursions, COL training
  • Saturday evening – Celebrate Success
  • Jen Bricker and RIPE Mark Moloney
  • Sunday morning – Celebrate Rotary
  • John Smarge and B.J. Metz